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Within our team we have members who have enjoyed their lifetime career in the automotive industry, helping provide exceptional knowledge and experience for the following departments;

BIW, Chassis, Powertrain (IC / EV / HEV / PHEV), Interior / Exterior.

For project stages including;

Concept, Package, FEA, Architecture, CAD, CAE, Production Engineering.

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Automotive OEM’s and Suppliers

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Automotive Professional People

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Automotive Projects

Whatever your requirement, we have the skill, knowledge, experience and professional processes to help you with your project and product development. Our support is applicable to all stages of vehicle design, from blue sky study through to SOP, Job1+90 and series production.

We are especially interested in helping the industry find new and sustainable ways to move people around our planet in the automobile. Therefore, of interest to us are the subjects of alternative fuels, energy delivery, conversion, recovery systems, and all associated powertrain development. We welcome an open dialogue with all involved with the above - especially EV, HEV and PHEV specialists.

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