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Some of the projects we have undertaken in recent years are outlined below. Each overview demonstrates the breadth of experience and skillsets available to business or individuals wanting to ‘design’ a new solution or overcome an existing problem. Of course, many of our projects can not be fully disclosed, either to protect intellectual property or an individual’s privacy. So please use the following reference points for discussion and contact us for further information.

PSC Projects

Using design in multi-disciplined ways to improve products, spaces, businesses and lifestyles, we think in terms of systems and interconnectedness - the same way mathematicians work with network theory, physicists think using quantum mechanics and James Lovelock talks about Gaia.

project planning

Kitchen Retail Brand Development

New Bespoke Kitchen Retail Business Strategy, Marketing, Copy and Sales

A new independent kitchen retailer for the quality market with focus on high-design services for fully bespoke furniture and interior fixtures, fittings and equipment.

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New Kitchen Refurbishment Business Strategy, Marketing, Copy and Sales

A Kitchen Refurb Business for upgrading existing kitchens, replacing doors, worktops, sinks, appliances and furniture. Especially good for working with existing high-quality bespoke furniture that needs refreshing for a modern aesthetic, up-to-date appliances and fitting with mechanisms and modern fittings for accessibility and functionality.

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Interior Design and Furniture Design

Interior Design Sales and Marketing

Retailing interior design services with multi-disciplined designers and experience across industries and cultures. Detailing the design process and concept generation stage to uncover client requirements and deliver truly unique best-in-class solutions.

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Furniture Design Sales and Marketing

A Bespoke Furniture Maker for alternative spaces and niche areas to improve household storage space. Using uniquely designed solutions and multi-use fabrications to make the most of all the space in our increasingly shrinking modern homes.

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Design Services for Interior Spaces and Interior Fitted Furniture

Bespoke Kitchen Design - Concept Design for Residential and Trade (showrooms)

See design concept and development processes and computer CAD renderings with Virtual Reality modelling, for the retail customer at their residential properties. Also, showroom design for retailers to provide best use of space and combine a replicated home environment with a retailing business operation.

Bespoke Design Interior - Concept Design for Buildings, Transport and Experience Centres

Concept design for interior spaces across industry and products. From Automotive to Railway, from Retailing Shop space to Pop-up Experience centres.

Product Development System, Process Change

Working with an automotive OEM, we were asked to contribute to the improvement of their product development system, especially with respect to new technology integration and managing a resource split between two different countries and cultures.

Recommendations included the adaptation of an Agile & Lean type of liaison engineering technique. A system of better work content identification was added and included with queuing theory, all to help alleviate delays in decision making, work division and work in progress backlogs. Finally, system simplification between all agents and stakeholders was needed to ensure communication was consistent, had optimum utility, provided management with sufficient data but did not create unnecessary demands on the skilled workforce, thereby preventing further delays and missing/incomplete information.

Project Engineering Team Recruitment

During a new vehicle engineering program, there are many new resources and skills required, especially during the main development phase and upto SOP.

We have worked many years in the industry with proprietary systems and executive search techniques, to ensure our appointed services provide the best people for the job. The more difficult positions to fill, especially regarding flexible locations and multi-skilled individuals with a can-do and resourceful nature, are where we excel.

recruiting special people

Vehicle Control System Development

Early concept design work and supporting documentation for Executive Management analysis throughout Group activities, various departments and technical centres, covering four separate countries.

As potential world class leading technology for the Group OEM’s, the correct route to market requires appropriate technical assessment as well as finding the right audience through the appropriate vehicle brand and vehicle line.

Residential Property, Alteration Assessment

A previous client for a large luxury home renovation approached us to evaluate and redesign their family home interior. The appointed architect proposed some very sophisticated alterations. However, progress had stalled as the budget had grown well beyond the original target and yet the goal for the family lifestyle in the property had still to be met.

We conducted a full independent analysis of their lifestyle and requirements for the property, including the design aesthetic required and practical flow between rooms, storage needs, general utility and function – particularly looking at a combined open kitchen, living, garden dining and snug space. With a full cost/benefit analysis conducted, we advised our client that cost of alterations outweighed the benefits. The building's structural constraints were too large and other properties could more easily realize their dreams.

Our clients took our advice and moved to a new property that fully satisfied their family requirements. We’re pleased to report they are exceptionally happy in their new home. We were also lucky enough to help them with more modest alterations, including the inside/outside kitchen dining experience.

factory layout

Production Engineering Factory Layout

A supplier we were working with learned of our experience across industries and skills in various technical disciplines, including automotive vehicle production facilities and requested our help with their furniture manufacturing factory. Having also experienced the sales process involved in their industry, we conducted a review of requirements throughout their entire business and manufacturing process.

It quickly became obvious that their adoption of a ‘build to order’ workflow was restricting output with too much material handling and job set-up times. Despite a desire to achieve JIT manufacturing, the answer was to re-organize workflow and material flow with better batch sizes and controls.

factory layout

Branding and Marketing for Renewable Energy Retailer

When a new start-up retailing renewable energy and heating systems for residential consumers approached us, they wanted a brand designed and a sales system put in place that could quickly scale to a national level.

Home heating savings brand

Setting up the computer systems whilst developing the Brand allowed us to also incorporate controls for geographic targeting and assist with the recruitment of a sales team; including training on the developed sales system and processes, as well as the product line of bio-mass boilers, hybrid gas and electric boilers, solar PV and air source heat pumps.

Home heating savings brand

Ultimate Luxury Product – Gold Washbasin Design

The ultra luxury market rides the wave of trends and fashion and always seeks exclusivity and premium status. In order to sell one of the most expensive washbasins in the world, there would need to be one of the most expensive pedestal/supports in the world. Working with the CEO we detailed many options based around a pre-determined theme. The resulting design ensured the engineering was suitable for the washbasin material and 5-axis CNC fabrication technique. The hand sculpted detail was readied for bronze casting and then gold plated.

The brief was taken and investigations made for the combination of handmade sculptures for the main forms and integration of close tolerance fabrications and accessories to ensure functionality with modern taps and plumbing fittings.

As work progressed, we decided upon two products, one as a unique showroom hero-product and then a production orientated product with a limited series of between 20 to 30 units.

Future Vehicle Technology Review

Investigating future technology options for a completely new vehicle line involves a thorough benchmark of leading competitor products, as well as evaluating emerging technology, comparative studies in consumer products, anticipation of changes in consumer lifestyle and differences between markets and cultures of the world. There will be a necessary risk assessment discussing first mover advantage versus catch-up strategy, including a financial impact and necessary ROI and comparison of IRR assessments for each proposed new direction, if it is concluded the new technology has a higher risk associated with its development.

Brand and Marketing Strategy – The Epsilon Fund

TEF brand

A new and unique City based alternative investment fund targeting institutional investors required a professional sales and marketing campaign to take their message to the world’s top investment banks and institutions. The fund focused on physical assets that the industry were unused to evaluating and therefore required a compelling new approach and evidence based campaign.

Using initial feedback from a pre-emptive market and product review, the scope from the initial brief expanded to include a deeper technical analysis of the 5 asset class’s historical pricing and valuation data.

Using an holistic design approach helped influence the direction of the Brand itself and all the subsequent marketing material including website, brochures, key documents including the investors information pack and the product USP. The expanded scope required the research and compilation of pricing data to build a new price index for evaluation against existing asset classes, including VaR (value at risk) and pricing correlation for potential client portfolio diversification.

the epsilon fund