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Every product and service offering requires an excellent business development strategy. Even the best organic growth and viral word-of-mouth campaigns have had meticulous planning prior to their explosive growth.

We are advocates of combined design thinking across disciplines when it comes to a complete sales and marketing package. We gather data from many diverse sources. Starting with a macro view of the project and review of all markets.

This avoids the pitfalls of varied goals and directions that are inconsistent between departments or business subsidiaries. In the same way software developers suffer the waterfall stages of program management because of compartmentalisation, we seek a more inclusive team structure. And design and engineering and manufacturing teams have progressed from “over-the-wall” development stage transitions, to being fully inclusive and simultaneous in their communication and strategy. Sales & Marketing campaigns also benefit from such an approach and should be inclusive of any major product or service development.

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Sales Team Outsourcing

Taking this one step further, we have worked with companies who want to expand their product range to new customers and need a new team in place to market and sell. Some of our clients are happy to focus on their core skill of product and service delivery, and have their customer front-end managed as an outsource service.

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The full benefit of our service is realised when we can incorporate our knowledge of technical products and complicated processes. Being able to craft a simple but detailed enough message in a way that is compelling for the customer, ensures highest possible return on investment.

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