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PSC Recruitment

We help you find and recruit the best people for your projects and business, focused on Design, Technical & Engineering, and Sales & Marketing. Providing you with skilled and experienced people that standard practice may be unable to facilitate or too time consuming to be commercially viable in-house. Being able to seek people out from unusual sources and alternative industries is sometimes all the difference you need to add new ideas and support innovation and expansion.

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Recruiting for Company and Projects

With a large and growing database of contractors, we have a network of highly skilled people - with many years experience - all of whom are dedicated, professional and trustworthy. We have a unique relationship with our team, to make sure they represent you and your project in the best way possible.

Often, an assignment requires a very flexible approach, with projects demanding diverse skills and a continuation of support in multiple countries around the world, all with minimal supervision.

Our team members are sure to add value to your project. They have years of experience - not just technical skills but also the attitude required whilst working among different cultures during stays in different countries - giving you the flexibility and continuity that modern programs require. These are the jobs that many employees simply can not, or will not do, due to personal and family commitments.

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As key skills become ever harder to replace, there remains a valuable service to be provided by semi-retired industry veterans, often with 40+ years experience, who are toward the end of their career.

These appointments are strictly managed by us at the outset for maximum effect. And do not presume this 'grey hair' is not fully up-to-date with latest technology. Having them part of your team will ensure latest technology can be fully implemented without re-inventing the wheel.

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Industries for Recruitment

We work with OEMs, Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers, specialist and niche manufacturers and other design houses and architects. Also, we have programs in place for talent scouting, from graduate level through to highly skilled industry experts for mentoring support.

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We believe in combining the best talents from all over the world, wherever they may reside, and encourage the freedom of movement of both people and ideas. Only by bringing together the best minds can we solve the world's problems.

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recruiting in engineering office