PSC Careers

We actively engage with a community of highly skilled and talented people, to help with personal development and career progression. There is more talent in the world now, than has ever existed before, but there are sometimes unnecessary barriers to accessibility.

CAD design & engineering

Advising, Appointing and Networking

We believe in breaking down barriers to international trade and opening the free market for labour. We ensure true talent has a voice and can influence solutions to our modern day problems. We have a greater opportunity than ever to put your skills to good use, working in many different countries, regions and in many different disciplines, which has become ever more facilitated though the use of remotely located and virtual teams.

Design for graphics, interiors and products

Flexible and Virtual Teams Supported

CNC operator


We look for exceptional individuals, with experience and the ability to communicate, who have the skills to make a difference. Few jobs are advertised by us directly, as most are fulfilled via our network. To start making a difference, join our network today.

CNC robot arm programming

Just send us your CV with a covering letter explaining your goals. Goto our Contacts Page

Skilled wood-worker craftsman

Looking for the best candidates

Skilled craftsman