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PSC logo We are Consultants for Design, Technology and Engineering. In the 21st Century, the subject of Design has an influence on almost every area of business, our environment and how we live our lives. From Industrial Products to Consumer Goods. Plus, design thinking will be needed for innovative and creative solutions across all business functions and disciplines for solving complex problems. Developing winning strategies requires holistic design thinking across the spectrum - from macro, high level systems, down to micro level detail. Design is a skill that ensures customer satisfaction, great product launches, high value service provision and a happy company workforce. Design also considers the environment and our complex relationship with it. Using a systems approach, we aim in each development cycle, to leave the world and humanity a little better off than before we started.

You might task us with investigation into New Product Concepts. Or ask us to perform a Product Benchmarking exercise or Cost and Weight Analysis. Discerning consumers often desire high-level Bespoke Design Services for their homes and lifestyle products and transportation, with specialists using exotic materials and themed interiors and fittings. Or sometimes we help retailers satisfy those same clientele with new or pop-up outlets.

Perhaps your brand requires an overhaul. Or your Customer Development Process and Marketing Communication would benefit from a touch-up and polish. Visualisations assist with the design process but can also be used for marketing. And a good visual will aid communication. Clarity of speech will certainly help with sales, but it is also a key ingredient of an efficient design process. Words written simply, clearly and without ambiguity always help bring project management results in on-time and within budget.

We have a diverse experience base which helps us uncover innovative solutions to problems. Breakthroughs are achieved when our knowledge and experiences from multiple industries and our varied customer base are integrated while brainstorming for new design projects or problem solving.

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Paper Street Consultants can help develop world-class products and services for automotive, transport, product and architectural interiors with furnishings, fixtures and fittings, and fitted furniture for commercial and consumer clients.

Interiors & Products

interior logo Design of interior spaces, consumer products and the interactive environment. Interiors for living or working spaces, or public transport vehicles and stations. We frequently examine the interfaces and relationships between humans and their environment, whether that’s the inside of a room or a car. As such, it’s not hard to see commonalities between these varied industries and to develop from the best of each for continued innovation. Something special is created when space, volume, form, function and the aesthetic are all optimised to create the ultimate customer experience.

Working with manufacturers, suppliers, businesses and the individual consumer, covering many disciplines – we can help you uncover fantastic new ideas for individually specified bespoke solutions.


car logo We can help your advanced engineering, future programme and current production vehicle lines with consulting services and supplementary resources.

Working with OEM's and suppliers, in UK, Europe and Worldwide, to provide key staff and project critical manpower, for design, engineering and manufacturing expertise in volume and niche product markets.


new projects planner logo Some of the varied work undertaken, across a wide range of industries and disciplines – for more information please call one of our team for an informal discussion.

Concept Design, Strategy & Futures Planning

creating ideas logo Planning for the future necessitates a creative imagination and aptitude for current trend spotting. Change management and new market development require an holistic and inclusive view of society, with an ability to quickly decode emerging social meme’s. We like to project our creative minds into the future and develop visionary ideas to influence today’s opportunities in a meaningful way.

Business Development

doing business logo Creativity and design thinking are essential parts of business/customer development and business strategy. With experience in branding, new product development, sales and marketing campaigns, and execution through a systems orientated approach, our services achieve measurable improvements in highly competitive markets.


finding new skills logo At PSC we avoid the same old recruiting routines. If you’ve ever wondered whether a ‘regular’ problem in your business could be solved by someone outside the ‘regular’ discipline or industry, please have an introductory conversation with us. Systems thinking might identify people you’d never previously consider, whom could realize a new energy and positive direction for your team and company.


handshake logo As a valued member of our network, we will help you reach your goals and ambitions. We consult with individuals whom are capable and credible and can demonstrate a successful career across varied disciplines and industries. Using a consultative approach, and access to many semi-retired knowledgeable industry veterans for coaching, our goal is to help design and chart the most successful career path for you. Send us your CV today to start a dialogue.


book of knowledge logo Our passion is for exceptional design. Design at every business level and every business function. Design for people, for individuals, for society. Design for the planet and for its environment. Design for a better future. And for an always improving tomorrow.


Constantly seeking connections with highest calibre, solutions orientated people from all over the world. Finding new talent and ways to engage them in exciting new projects, is our mission.


We bring together different skills, experience and knowledge, to make a great new idea a reality. A well communicated project allows people doing their best creative work, to remain connected to the overall vision. This keeps investors, management, development teams and the ultimate end client informed during the process, which in turn assures best results. We were doing ‘Scrum’ long before it had a name and was made popular!

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In the previous 25+ years, we have worked with and for design and engineering teams in the Automotive, Transport, Interiors, Furniture and Manufacturing Industries. Our expertise often focuses on interior spaces and volumes - the interaction between human machine interfaces (HMI) and the interior environment, be it automobile, aeroplane or home. And whilst working through this process, we remain totally engaged with the customer for maximum results.


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